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The House Of MYV
Recent Entries 
8th-Jun-2011 10:52 am - My obsession!!!!
 ok. I want to talk a little bit of my obsession that is .... MUSIC \0\.
I really think there is nothing better to heal someone's heart than the music ^^.
I never had an easy life but I will not be whining about it.
what is the point is that the music was always present in my life as an anchor that kept me alive ^^
I know that sounds a bit drastic but for me this is what the music represents.
I met the Asian music at a young age, I think with a 10-year-old ^^
At first I just listened JROCK but then I met all its other parts, like kpop, Jpop, Trock and more.
For me, music represents my state of mind, for example.
when I'm euphoric, I usually listen to JRock.
Like that song.
Or That Song.
When I'm Happy I look the happiest songs Like Kpop or Jpop.
Like That.
Or That
And when I'm depressed I like to hear Nicholas Teo, who is in Chinese and is ballad very romantic XD
Like That.
Or That.
Of course there are a million other songs and artists I like, but in general it is ^ ^
Now you know me a little better ^ ^
Bye Bye
Love you All <3~
8th-May-2011 03:43 pm - A very personal post.
 well I decided to make this post just to vent a little of what I feel.
I am a girl with a lot of trauma and many scars on the soul.
My life was never easy and I went through terrible times, My childhood was quite hard because I was hyperactive and I had one neighbor, who died in prison, thank god.
the fact is that the person does not like me very much because I was terrible XD, really I'm run for al day doing pranks XD
But I'm just a Kid.
I had several problems in my house too, especially with my father.
This has caused me many traumas and fears, I was afraid to leave home, afraid of change, FEAR OF MEN, complex self-esteem and to help I have attention deficit.
well I've thought of everything in this life, I've thought about suicide, I've thought about running away, I thought about abandoning everything.
But one day I woke up different, I went to a course of criminal psychology and I met the man that changed my life.
His name was Christian Costa, a profile and a forensic expert.
From that day I found what I wanted to do with my life, and was that day that I started to change.
well I had to somehow show to the outside world how I felt inside, and I do that chang my hair XD
because of my fears I've never changed my hair, he spent 20 years in the same way.
I will show how this transformation was.
First I I went from this to this.

Then To This.

Rhen This.

And Now I'm Just Like This.

and I have not finished my metamorphosis, I'm changing little by little XD
wait for I'll change much, outside and inside ^^

 well I decided to post the pictures of my friends, so they can see how much they mean to me, by my friends I give my life. XD

these two are Yuka And Jun ^^

And Lee(Whit The Pink Hair) and KiHye \0

Mario, Anderson, jaque and Meiry <33

   Lya and me <3

M@h and me <3

 Yui and Pê-Chan XD

Deby and Mary and me XD, these two are my friends since I was born, are 23 years of friendship <3

Natani and me <3

 Matoba, me and Ana <3

Patricia My sweet friend *hug* <3

Evandro, men Elaine, Mario, Morto and Andersom on Top XD

Yeap me and My friends have the same phone pendant XD

8th-May-2011 11:14 am - My stuff of JRock Shows \0\

 well I decided to post some things here that I have of the Jrock concerts I've been XD
here we go.
First this is a banner that made ​​kami uta for Kagrra, and Isshi posted on his blog,
Andddd My name is There \0\
I'm Nanda ^^

My shirt of Kagrra\0\

My Pallet of Nao Sama, the bassist of Kagrra \0\, man I fight for that Pallet whit My life XD

My autographs of KagrraT_T 

All \0\

My Ticket for Miyavi show in 2008^^

And My Ticket for X Japan concert \0

29th-Apr-2011 11:10 am - Hitsugi \0
 I really do not post much here because I do not know post XD
but I use a lot of livejournal I have good friends here and decided to make it more active.
so I will post little pictures of Hitsugi nekoboy \ 0

This is my fav \0

Neko Boy XD
Well I loved Nightmare and I this they are a very cool band, and I Think Hitsugi is a very talented guitar ^^
I will post more this later \0
but It's almost personal XD
see ya guys \0
18th-May-2008 10:56 am - A Day to Remember with NEWS
A Day to Remember with NEWS by Ladys07
Your name:
Your age:
Fave member:
It's another day and the first person you see is:
You think:This must be my lucky day!
But this guy appears & interrupts your thoughts:
Youask him where the girl's washroom is.
But suddenly your crush appears:
He (your crush) makes youangry when you see him.
However this guy shows up:
and says to you:"DAISUKI DA YO!"
Youwent "KYAAAA".
But somehow end up getting a love confession from
Then you find out something shocking in the end:
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